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Ready or not, here they come

Cruise ships are sailing at full steam toward Bywater and the Port of New Orleans is busy working on the site, which sits between France and Mazant streets on the riverfront.

Are you ready?

There's still no official word as to when the old naval support facility accessible from Poland Avenue will be transformed into a site that would handle cruise ships, but work is underway at the end of France Street. In fact, at least one cruise ship has already been docking there when it comes to New Orleans.

It's really cool to see these huge ships towering above the old homes in Bywater. One has to wonder, though, if the city's crumbling infrastructure can handle the extra traffic.

The good, the bad
the ugly

Keep your eyes on this headline. In the coming weeks, this is where we will look at all things Bywater-Marigny and Beyond....

We'll point out the good stuff, the bad stuff and the stuff that really sucks about our neighborhoods, our city and our state.

Cheap eats in the 'hoods

There are plenty of fancy, expensive and really good places to eat in New Orleans.

Then there are the places you can count on for rib-sticking goodness that don't  require a second mortgage.

We know about some and we're betting you do as well.